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CHRISTIAN ROTH AND ERIC DOMÈGE have created a visionary EYEWEAR BRAND that defines trends and sets fashion standards

Live. Love. Laugh. Thrive. Protect. Survive. Mantras for the 21st Century. Words that inspire the enduring nature of Christian Roth. More chic than cool, more fun than fad, more sexy than sassy, more design than “designer”. If eyes are the windows into our soul, then our choice of eyewear must surely reveal the truth that lies within. (Read more about us…)


N° 117


The 1rst CFDA Eyewear Designer Showcase Press Day
The Council for Fashion Designers of America announces the 1rst CFDA Eyewear Designer Showcase Press Day participating Christian Roth Eyewear Christian Roth Eyewear
The Council for Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is pleased to announce the inaugural CFDA Eyewear Showcase, which will take place at the CFDA headquarters on Thursday, November 19. The participating CFDA Members are: Patty Perreira, BARTON PERREIRA, Blake Kuwahara, BLAKE KUWAHARA, Christian Roth, CHRISTIAN ROTH, Gai Gherardi, L.A. EYEWORKS, Shane Baum, LEISURE SOCIETY, Jeff Press, MORGENTHAL FREDERICS, Larry Leight, OLIVER PEOPLES, Robert Marc, ROBERT MARC and Selima Salaun, SELIMA OPTIQUE. The first CFDA Eyewear Showcase serves as a platform to generate exposure and editorial opportunities for the CFDA’s growing number of eyewear designers. edCFDA. “By launching the CFDA Eyewear Showcase, we are putting the spotlight on the eyewear talent at the CFDA, a dynamic and growing group of designers,” said Steven Kolb, President and CEO of the CFDA. “Eyewear has become Fashion, but until now, we had not been able to showcase the new designs presented by CFDA eyewear designers as a group to American editors & bloggers in a CFDA venue,” Christian Roth, Spokesman of edCFDA #CFDAeyewear said. “With this initiative, we are proud to show the unity of nine trendsetting and internationally well-known American eyewear brands.”
N° 116


Styled by Yasmin Kayser
"The Affair" limited edition sunglasses by Christian Roth x Barton Perreira Christian Roth Eyewear L.A. women

Trois elements servent
a se faire remarquer
dans cette ville infinie:
son look (lunettes),
sa villa et sa voiture.

Merci O, le cahier de tendances de l’Obs pour cette magnifique parution “Made in Los Angeles”. Photo by Magdalena Wosinska. Lunettes “The Affair” limited edition by Christian Roth x Barton Perreira.

N° 115

Fritz Bultman

at Edelman Arts in New York
An inspiration from Christian Roth Eyewear: Fritz Bultman Cutouts – an exhibition at Edelman Arts N.Y.C. Christian Roth Eyewear
A fantastic inspiration. “I took the painting of papers with gouache from Matisse’s cut-outs, but I began to work anew in collage from a center outward, rather than working on the confines of a sheet of paper. By adding piece to piece I find a means to give me a collage of random shape through random growth.” –Fritz Bultman. Edelman Arts is pleased to announce Fritz Bultman: Cutouts, an exhibition of collages by American abstract expressionist Fritz Bultman. The exhibition is on view at their salon space at 135 East 15th Street in New York from November 9th to December 4th, 2015. #‎FritzBultman #‎EdelmanArts #themindhasaneyeofitsown #ChristianRoth #EricDomege
N° 114

CFDA Bi Annual

photo by BFA
Christian Roth and Mrs. Diane von Fürstenberg at the CFDA Bi Annual 2015 in NYC Christian Roth Eyewear
The CFDA Council of Fashion Designers of America tweeted prior to this meeting on Tuesday. “Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall of our Bi Annual Membership meeting? The best in the biz getting together…” A big thank you to the CFDA, Mrs. von Fürstenberg, Steven Kolb, the board of directors, their amazing team, my edCFDA executive committee & friends Blake Kuwahara, Gai Gherardi & Selima Salaun and the 500+ members to give a warm welcome to #edCFDA #CFDAeyewear (Christian Roth pictured with DvF) and #CFDAjewels (Mish Tworkowski & Simon Alcantara.) And applause to Karen Robinovitz, CCO of “Digital Brand Architects” for making the most spectacular and fascinating presentation on the holistic brand, Instagram, Snapchat and the Influencer. Do we wish we had taken the extra time and travel to attend her NYC workshops in the summer.
N° 113


by Lori Greenberg for the Bowery Boogie
Cocktail Party hosted by Christian Roth Eyewear in 1988 with Susanne Bartsch Christian Roth Eyewear

Susanne Bartsch’s
Fashion Underground
Exhibition at
the Museum at FIT

Fed up with the homogenization and Disneyfication of New York City? Check out “Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch”. The exhibit at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC is curated by Valerie Steele and takes place until December 5. If anyone ever inspired people to march to their own drummer, it is Susanne Bartsch. As a boutique owner and then an event producer, the Swiss expat arrived in New York City in the early ’80s, and New York nightlife was never the same again. Feeling bored by the fashion scene here, Bartsch opened a SoHo boutique where she imported young European designers she admired, including Vivienne Westwood, Stephen Jones, and Leigh Bowery. Best known as the “Queen of the Night,” her parties (some of which we have fond memories of attending), continue to be diverse and spectacular, with attendees treating dress-up as a form of performance art. “Style is about expressing yourself,” according to Bartsch. “You can be whatever you want to be – a silver screen star, a Marie Antoinette baroque creature, a Victorian punk.” Bartsch also created “The Love Ball” in 1989, which raised $2.5 million to fight AIDS. The exhibit features approximately 100 of Bartsch’s outfits, along with her larger than life wigs and her signature false eyelashes (many adorned with feathers, beads or chains). When asked why she enjoyed embellishing her eyelashes, Bartsch said, “Why not? They’re there, why not do something with them?” … read more.

Very personal Memory Lane: Above is a photograph taken at a cocktail party hosted by Christian Roth & Eric Domege at the brand new Royalton Hotel in NYC in 1988 to celebrate their launch of Gaultier Eyewear with Murai, Japan. It was said, “the night luxury eyewear was born” Mixing the finest optical retailers, the press, artists, designers, fashionistas, dear friends and interesting characters. Here, from left to right: Paige Powell, a very close friend, working with Andy Warhol for Interview Magazine and an animal-rights activist, Stephen Sprouse, the late fashion designer and artist, credited with pioneering the 1980s mix of “uptown sophistication in clothing with a downtown punk and pop sensibility” … and, of course Susanne Bartsch.

N° 112


and we are thrilled
Logo of eyewear company DITA Group which has acquired Christian Roth Eyewear Christian Roth Eyewear

DITA Group Acquires
Christian Roth Eyewear.
By Marcy Medina for
Womens Wear Daily’s
Fashion Scoops

Los Angeles-based eyewear company DITA Group has acquired luxury brand Christian Roth. Christian Roth and his design partner Eric Domege, who founded the brand in New York in 1984, will both remain as creative directors. Their first post-acquisition collection will be presented at the Paris Silmo show in 2016. The addition of Christian Roth rounds out the company’s portfolio, which includes the Dita brand, designed by founders John Juniper and Jeff Solorio, and the licenses for Thom Browne and Dita Von Teese eyewear… read more

N° 111


#edCFDA’s 2nd Panel Discussion
Invitation to edCFDA panel discussion in Las Vegas with Christian Roth Christian Roth Eyewear “The optical industry continues to face shifting waves of consolidation and expansion,” says James Spina, editor 20/20 and moderator of the panel. “I’m pleased to lead a conversation during Vision Expo West in Las Vegas that focuses on the inner thoughts of top eyewear designer and provides insights on navigating the creative and competitive challenges of today’s optical market.” “The members of edCFDA are excited to once again participate in an event that is so closely tied to our mission. Through events like this we aim to inspire, empower, and promote awareness of eyewear design and the vitality of the optical industry.” says Christian Roth, spokesman of edCFDA (Eyewear Designers of the CFDA.)
N° 110


@ Traffic Creative Management NYC
Christian Roth Eyewear presents fashion illustrator Izak Zenou Christian Roth Eyewear

One of our favorite illustrations
by Izak. His women are back in the
Big Apple just in time for fashion
week. Summer still on their minds.

Over the last two decades, the exceptionally talented and stylishly quirky illustrator Izak has forged a reputation as one of the globes most prolific fashion illustrators. His love of women, fashion and style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Ines de la Fressange inspire his whimsical and charming view of life. His women are attractive, sexy, optimistic, confident, charming, funny, feminine, modern, glamourous and certainly not pretentious, and they love their sunglasses.

N° 109


in ‘Marie Claire’ France September 2015
Haider Ackermann in 'Marie Claire' France, September 2015 Christian Roth Eyewear

A roaring talent with a great
emotion we love. Unconventional
and against over exposure,
he prefers that people speak
about the women he dresses
than to be part of a marketing
machine. As eyewear designers
we enjoy Haider’s style and
his personal choice of spectacles.
It proves there are no rules!

Thank you Marie Claire France and Louis Bompard to share this superb interview with your readers. Photo by Alexandra Utzman.

N° 108


Photo by Pascal
Christian Roth Vintage Sunglasses Neo Geo in Black and White Christian Roth Sunglasses

Two distinguished eyeshapes in one.
#VintageChristianRoth summer 2015.
And as Karl Lagerfeld once said
“black & white always looks modern,
whatever that word means”

model: Magdalena / Elite, styling: Chad Tucker. Thank you!

N° 107


Photos by Geoff Barrenger
Christian Roth Sunglasses featured in an exclusive Schön! Magazine editorial Christian Roth Eyewear

Hot? Step into liquid!
Retro scuba gear paired
with metallic swimwear
and Christian Roth shades,
turns this Schön! exclusive editorial
into a time machine back to the 1980s.

model: Luz Pavon, styling: Gregory Wein

N° 106


Photo by Torkil Gudnason
Image of the summer issue of Richard Klein's "Four Two Nine Magazine", photographed by Torkil Gudnason and styled by Gregory Wein. Christian Roth Eyewear

An über talented power pack team behind
this modern, fresh and sexy image for the
latest summer issue of Visionary Richard Klein’s
“Four Two Nine Magazine”.
Photographed by Torkil Gudnason
and styled by Gregory Wein.

“Four Two Nine Magazine” is published 4 times a year. dot429 is a multi-platform network connecting LGBT professionals and allies online and in person. Founded by 500 of the most successful and influential LGBTA entrepreneurs, business people, designers, and entertainers. How to cool off during this summer? Indulge with ice cream and Christian Roth Christian’s Own sunglasses in icy fluo colors … or enjoy the featured shades by Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Tom Ford. Model Jonathon@Wilhemina

N° 105


with Maria Callas on July 22, 1959
Maria Callas entering the famous yacht Christina for the first time in summer 1959 Christian Roth Eyewear

To the day, 56 years ago, Maria Callas boarded
for the first time ‘officially’ the famed yacht
Christina in the harbor of Monte Carlo.
A life changing journey for the diva.
No less than Aristotle Onassis and Winston
Churchill were among the sail mates.
The embarking was highly publicized,
“celebrities styling” started to make its way
to the public. Cat-Eye sunglasses
became summer 1959’s It frame!
An image of historic reference & relevance.

N° 104


by Karen Baba @karmigo
Christian Roth for Optical Affairs Series 6556 sketched by Karen Baba @karmigo Christian Roth Eyewear
Instagram: Our friend Selima Salaun introduced the beautiful Hawaiian-born artist Karen Baba to the magic world of eyeglasses and that is how Karen – now living in NYC – became an eyewear enthusiast and collector. Inspired by visual aesthetics of Eastern and Western cultures, Karen was teaching Fine Arts for a couple years. She started sketching eyewear she personally wanted to wear and posted them on Instagram. Soon her work got regramed and followed all over the world and showcased at Selima Optique in Soho. Very recently, we noticed with delight – through IG – that Karen had posted a sketch inspired by the famous image “Oysters for Lunch” featuring our big silver mirrored ‘Christian Roth for Optical Affairs’ design Series 6556.