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CHRISTIAN ROTH AND ERIC DOMÈGE have created a visionary EYEWEAR BRAND that defines trends and sets fashion standards

Live. Love. Laugh. Thrive. Protect. Survive. Mantras for the 21st Century. Words that inspire the enduring nature of Christian Roth. More chic than cool, more fun than fad, more sexy than sassy, more design than “designer”. If eyes are the windows into our soul, then our choice of eyewear must surely reveal the truth that lies within. (Read more about us…)


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Save the date: Friday December 19th
Invitation to Selima Optique Soho to preview Christian Roth Eyewear spring/summer 2015 collectionChristian Roth
Looking forward to welcome you with our dear friend Selima Salaun and her fabulous team at Selima Optique Soho in New York. Preview Christian Roth spring/summer 2015 spectacles and sunnies.
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Save the Date: Thursday December 18th
Be Dapper Event on December 18th at Artsee Miami with Christian Roth Eyewear presenting their latest designs.Christian Roth
Artsee Miami’s Carlos Venegas will host a special Christian Roth Eyewear presentation on Thursday December 18th 5-8pm at 1648 Lenox Avenue @1111LincolnRoad, we will be there to wish everyone in Miami our season’s greetings and to present our latest designs! dap·per adjective (typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing. Synonyms: smart, spruce, trim, debonair, neat, well dressed, well groomed, well turned out, elegant, chic, dashing; informal snazzy, snappy, natty, sharp, spiffy, fly – think Dan Draper. This photograph was taken by Eric’s cousin Louise Dramard during Paris Fashion Week. The model is Paul, her brother and he styled our latest red mirrored sunglasses himself. Paul Dramard is our Paris based reporter and fits the description of dapper.
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with our friends from around the world
An intimate dinner at Christian Roth Eyewear's winter residence to cloture Art Basel Miami 2014 with Erin Newberg and Patrick McMullan.Christian Roth

An intimate dinner last Saturday at our winter residence to cloture Art Basel Miami 2014: To our delight, Erin Newberg’s date turned out to be the legendary social photographer Patrick McMullan whom we adore and know for three decades. Patrick could not resist to capture our guests and the mood of the evening – the famous lens man decided to post the pictures on his website. And www. the mserinsita.com said on her blog “my philosophy: you know a dinner party is a success when not one person is on the phone the entire evening”. Two wonderful compliments.

Clockwise from top left: Eric Domege & Christian Roth, Erin Newberg & Lauren Gnazzo, BJ Formento, Lauren Gnazzo, Eric Domege, Patrick McMullan, Richeille Formento, Britt & Fiona West, Lauren Gnazzo, Christian Roth, Marne Grainger, Richeille Formento, BJ Formento, Eric Domege & Erin Newberg, Erin Newberg & Michelle Edelman, Kristin Brockstedt-Kuhnle, Eric Domege & Erin Newberg. All pictures by Patrick McMullan.
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By Luxe Beat
Christian Roth Eyewear in The Designer News celebrating 30spectacularyearsChristian Roth

30 years went by so fast. Never had we imagined to be celebrated for our work. Thank you for all the influential voices over three decades who made it possible!

Adam Glassman, Adrienne Vittadini, Agyness Deyn, Al Berg, Alberto Zanoletti, Alessandra Albarello, Alex Reese, Alexander Geringer, Andreas Schulz, Andy Warhol, Anna Anderson, Anna de la Russo, Anna Wintour, Anne Slowey, Arnaud Mange, Ashley Brozic, Astrid Doil, Barbara Mahler, Bernat Buscato, Bettina Greiner, BJ Formento, Brigitte Nielsen, Bruce Weber, Bruno Klotz, Candy Pratts Price, Carol Schatz, Carla Bruni, Carlos Venegas, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Caroline de Fayet Metayer, Caroline Tell, Catherine Martin-Domege, Christelle Bieuville, Christiane Arp, Christopher Makos, Cindy Weber Cleary, Claudia Beran, Clodagh Norton, Cristiana Silighini, Cristina Frasca, Dale Steiner Newberg, Daphne Guiness, Denis Colomb, Diana Ross, Diane von Fuerstenberg, Dick van der Niet, Edgar Otte, Edward Beiner, Elissa Santisi, Ellyn Chestnut, Eric Wright, Erin Newberg, Erin Sumwalt, Fern Mallis, Filipa Fino, Freddie Leiba, Friquette Thevenet, Garth Condit, Ginger Harris, Gisela Humphreys, Giulia Foroni, Giulio Martinelli, Glenn O’Brien, Gloria Nicola, Gregory Wein, Hal Rubenstein, Harriet Mays Powell, Hedy Gold, Helmut Lang, Ines Stüben, Inga Griese, Inka Marnette, Isaac Mizrahi, Isabel + Ruben Toledo, Isabelle Roville, James Spina, James Watanabe, Jan-Henning Brockstedt, Jane Hsiang, Jannis Tsipoulanis, Jenny Capitän, Joe McKenna, Julio Santiago, Junji Horikawa, Kai Margrander, Karen McCormack, Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Templer, Kate Moss, Kate Spade, Katharina Flohr, Kathrin Seidel, Kelly Talamas, Kenny Scharf, Kerstin Schneider, Kristin Brockstedt-Kuhnle, Kunio Ito, Larry Sands, Lauren Gnazzo, Leah Karp, Lee Radziwill, Lele Acquarone, Lenny Kravitz, Lily Keflay Gentil, Linda Wells, Lisa Smilor, Loren Laney, Luis R Rigual, Madeline Weeks, Manuela Amzallag, Marc Jacobs, Marc Karimzadeh, Marcus von Ackermann, Marge Axelrad, Marie Andy Tettamanti, Marie-Anne Faure, Marie Claire Legault-Domege, Marie-José Jalou Susskind, Mark Connolly, Martin Graf, Marvin Freeman, Masaru Murai, Michael Carl, Michael Kors, Michaela Gattermayer, Michele Montagne, Michelle Edelman, Michelle Eichhorst, Michelle Kessler-Sanders, Mike Miyachi, Mimi Shin, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Picart, Olivia Palermo, Pascal Laine, Patrick Cabasset, Patrick McMullan, Patti Wilson, Paul Cavaco, Paul Dramard, Paul Palmero, Paul Solberg, Peter Kea, Philip Roth, Philippa Clark, Rene Habermacher, Richard Sinnott, Richard Widmer, Richeille Formento, Rick Condon, Rickie de Sole, Rico Puhlmann, Rihanna, Robert Forest, Robert Morgenthal, Ronald Becker, Ronaldus Shamask, Rosie Mueller, Roxanne Robinson, Sabine Roth, Sabrina Schilcher, Salvatore Sampino, Samantha Marcus Yanks, Sara Maino, Sarah Christie, Selima Salaun, Sharon Stone, Shelagh D’Arcy-Hinds, Sibilla Patrizi, Stan Herman, Stella Tennant, Stellene Volandes, Stephanie de Long, Steven Kolb, Suzanne Yalof Schwartz, Sven Niemeyer, Susan Kaufman, Tamara Taichman, Tiina Laakkonen, Tiffany Fraser-Steele, Timothy Reukauf, Vanessa Bellugeon, Veronique Tristram, Victoria Bartlett, Vincent Michel, Vivie Thonet and Yasmin Kayser.
N° 71


published by Rizzoli in 2014
Lenny Kravitz wearing Christian Roth shades in the new book "Lenny Kravitz" published by RizzoliChristian Roth
What a great surprise to discover three unseen photographs of Lenny Kravitz – rock’s most magnetic star – wearing Christian Roth shades in the new book “Lenny Kravitz”. This glamorous book is a pictorial tribute to one of the sexiest faces in rock and roll, it is easy to see why the camera loves him, and a testimonial of his passion for fashion, style and daring sunglasses. An absolute must-read for eyewear aficionados – Lenny Kravitz has done so much for our industry like no other celebrity. This picture – it was hard to choose among the three with our sunnies – was shot by David Hindley in London 1991.
N° 70


Photo by Capa
Hyde, the vocalist of Japan's leading rock bands L'Arc-en-Ciel and Vamps, at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport with his favorite Christian Roth Sunglasses named V.I.P. Shades.Christian Roth

Hyde – a fashion icon of Asia – is the vocalist of Japan’s leading rock bands, L’Arc-en-Ciel and Vamps. Every release the bands have had to date reached the top ten on the Oricon music chart. Hyde was spotted last week at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport with his favorite round Christian Roth sunglasses named V.I.P. Shades – this design and coloration became synonymous with his look.

N° 69


for Art Miami
Christian Roth Eyewear "Flash Back" handcrafted acetate Sunnies and Jennifer McManis photographed by Formento + FormentoChristian Roth
Art Miami 2014 – starting on December 2 – marks another exciting year for BJ and Richeille Formento, the dynamic husband/wife team, whose photographic expeditions have spanned the globe. As they continue to forge their success in 2014 with solo exhibits at Fahey Klein in Los Angeles and Robert Klein in Boston. Recently, the Formentos – represented by Traffic NYC’s Michelle Edelman – celebrated the release of their first art tome, Circumstance, published by YK Editions, accompanied by a short documentary on their work shown at the Pompidou Museum in Paris. Placing their impeccably styled models in the midst of the city, the fading, dreary shop fronts and classic cars, which are reminiscent of the 1950’s, always tell a new story. Using light to great effect, their subjects often appear to rise up out of the crumbling scenery. To greet them in the ‘city of the future’, we share today one of our favorite Formento + Formento images – never published before – Jennifer McManis in Christian Roth “Flash Back” handcrafted acetate Sunnies.
N° 68


Photo by Kate Benson
Christian Roth Eyewear Optical model C for CarlosChristian Roth
Sharper Image – Seeing Clearly. The Cut-Outs. Christian Roth Limited Editions are handcrafted with LOVE in Italy and available now at some of our favorite exclusive & independent optical retail visionaries with “a point of difference”. From east to west: Selima Optique in Soho NYC, Carlos Venegas’ Artsee Miami in SoBe @1111Lincoln, I-On the District in Miami’s Design District, Edward Beiner in Palm Beach, Karen McCormack’s Robert Max Opticians in Omaha, Eyepieces of Vail, Dr. Myles Zakheim’s Optomextrix in Beverly Hills and Malibu Eyecare in Malibu.
N° 67


For Optical Affairs NYC
Christian Roth Eyewear Series 2800 for Optical Affairs – now to be seen at Louis Vuitton.Christian Roth

“Imitation is
the sincerest form
of flattery”

Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1852)

N° 66


Photo by Vision Monday
Christian Roth
Christian Roth Sunglasses and Gloria-Nicola of 20/20 Magazine celebrating Hall of Fame Award for 40 years of publishing the latest eyewear fashion.

The Accessories Council recently honored 20/20 Magazine with its annual Hall of Fame Award during a ceremony at Tao in Las Vegas. 40 years of publishing the latest eyewear fashions, style, trends, news and much more. Accepting the award were our friends James Spina, VP, editor-in-chief and Marc Ferrara, publisher/CEO. Congratulations! A special treat to be photographed with Gloria Nicola, 20/20’s iconic feature & fashion editor since 1987. For 27+ years, Gloria was infallibly tuned in on finding the newest trends; always traveling with her shoulder bag – like a skilled hunter – visiting the international eyewear tradeshows around the world. Dear Gloria, thank you for your kind words in your farewell letter, but as you write, you are only clicks away! We wish you all the best.

N° 65


styled by Bernat Buscato
Cuban-born designer Isabel Toledo's spring/summer 2015 fashion show in Buenos Aires outfitted with Christian Roth Eyewear.Christian Roth
Cuban born Isabel Toledo is one of our favorite designers. An avid seamstress from a young age, Toledo’s work reflects not only a distinct design sense but a keen understanding of garment construction and appreciation for the geometric intricacies of pattern shapes. We all remember the lemongrass yellow wool lace shift dress with matching overcoat which the First Lady selected to wear at the first inauguration of Barack Obama in 2008, it was a creation by Isabel Toledo. We were privileged to attend her first fashion show in 1985 in New York and to meet her husband Ruben Toledo, the Cuban-Amercian artist. A few years later, Isabel stopped presenting biannual collections, instead choosing to create on her own schedule. Therefore, we were very flattered when Bernart Buscato asked us recently if we like to collaborate on the sunglasses – along with the famed shoe designer Edmundo Castillo – for Isabel’s spring/summer 2015 fashion show Camuflash de Moda “Six O’Clock Tea – 20th Edition at La Rural”, a famous event created by Carminne Dodero in Buenos Aires. Congratulations! Notice Isabel herself hiding elegantly in the right hand photograph behind one of her beautiful #FashionNuns.
N° 64


Photo by Patrick McMullan
Christian Roth and Eric Domege of Christian Roth Eyewear at the 30 years Indochine restaurant celebration in NYC.Christian Roth
Forever in fashion. This November marks 30 years since the restaurant Indochine, a favorite chiceteria of the art and fashion crowd, opened in New York – and more than 20 years since our friend Jean-Marc Houmard became co-owner. An amazing big beautiful bash last Friday – a night of red decadence with incredible performances by Company XIV – and a special, super-collectible red Indochine MAC lipstick mark the occasion. Happy Birthday Indochine and thank you for making us feel at home since 1984! #30spectacularYears
N° 63


Photo by Rainer Hoesch
Erin Newberg, a dear friend of Christian Roth Eyewear, turned blogger on www.MsErinsita.comChristian Roth
Referred to as a Socialite, an ‘It Girl,’ and a Taste Maker, this Journalist and Philanthropist turned Blogger (and street-style star) Erin Newberg a.k.a. MsErinsita travels the globe, documenting her outfits and capturing the style scene with her Samsung Galaxy camera. You also may catch her being photographed by international and renowned photographers when they are visiting her native Miami Beach. In this picture, Erin is photographed in Vintage Valentino for her feature in Germany’s H.O.M.E. Magazine at the Standard Hotel on Miami Beach, by the Austrian born and L.A. based lens man Rainer Hoesch. Visit and follow our dear friend and muse on Instagram @mserinsita or at www.MsErinsita.com
N° 62


Greetings from Las Vegas
The members of The Eyewear Designers of CFDA, from left to right: Christian Roth, Selima Salaun, Larry Leight, Robert Marc, Shane Baum, Gai Gherardi and Blake Kuwahara

from left to right: Christian Roth, Selima Salaun, Larry Leight, Robert Marc, Shane Baum, Gai Gherardi and Blake Kuwahara

Christian Roth

The Council of
Fashion Designers of America

has created a new group:
Eyewear Designers of the CFDA
which aims to boost the profile
of the eyewear sector” WWD

13 Eyewear Designers of the CFDA #edCFDA representing 10 true eyewear brands have formalized this new group under the umbrella of the CFDA: L.A. Eyeworks’ Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, Blake Kuwahara’s Blake Kuwahara, Christian Roth’s Christian Roth, Illesteva’s Daniel Silberman and Justin Salguero, Oliver Peoples’ Larry Leight, Grey Ant’s Natalie Levy and Grant Krajecki, Barton Perreira’s Patty Perreira, Robert Marc’s Robert Marc, Selima Optique’s Selima Salaun and Leisure Society’s Shane Baum. Gherardi, Kuwahara, Roth and Salaun serve on the 4 executive members committee with Roth acting as the group’s spokesman.

Christian Roth Eyewear 2014 “Frame Fiction” by Formento+Formento on YouTube.