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CHRISTIAN ROTH AND ERIC DOMÈGE have created a visionary EYEWEAR BRAND that defines trends and sets fashion standards

Live. Love. Laugh. Thrive. Protect. Survive. Mantras for the 21st Century. Words that inspire the enduring nature of Christian Roth. More chic than cool, more fun than fad, more sexy than sassy, more design than “designer”. If eyes are the windows into our soul, then our choice of eyewear must surely reveal the truth that lies within. (Read more about us…)


N° 85


Photo by Formento+Formento
Jennifer McManis in front of LAX for Christian Roth Sunglasses, photographed by Formento + FormentoChristian Roth Sunglasses
Architecture is a great source of inspiration for our work as eyewear designers. When we edited the pictures from Formento+Formento, and realized that they shot part of the new campaign in front of one of our favorite buildings, we were ecstatic! The Theme Building is an iconic landmark structure at the Los Angeles International Airport. It opened in 1961, and it is an example of the Mid-Century modern influenced design school known as “Googie” or “Populuxe.” The distinctive white building resembles a flying saucer that has landed on its four legs. The initial design of the building was created by James Langenheim, of Pereira & Luckman. “Fly Girl” sunglasses were named prior to Formento+Formento taking this photograph, it all made so much sense – “Fly Girl” was predestinated to be associate with the Theme Building!
Model: Jennifer McManis
N° 84


Barton Perreira X Christian Roth
The iconic Optical Affairs "Series A" is coming back in Spring/Summer of 2015. "The Affair" is a collaboration between Barton Perreira and Christian Roth.Christian Roth
The iconic Optical Affairs “Series A” is coming back in Spring/Summer of 2015 with a capsule collaboration between Barton Perreira and Christian Roth. “Creating The Affair with Christian and Eric has been a dream, their work has always inspired me. I wanted to combine my own DNA with their iconic design and re-present it in a new distinct spirit.” – Patty Perreira. The design is both retro and futuristic, a dichotomy designer Patty Perreira is famous for integrating into her collections. Taking cues from Christian Roth’s original design, Perreira designed a rimless frame emboldened by a gold brow-bar that stretches from temple to temple. Each frame in the limited edition is numbered to ensure that this is an Affair to remember. Slated to be released at MIDO 2015 Eyewear Show in Milano.
Christian Roth Eyewear and Barton Perreira Collaboration
N° 83


Hair Play by Sam McKnight
Super model Jaime Rishar‬ with Christian Roth Sunglasses in Harper's Bazaar photographed by Raymond Meier‬. #CHRISTIANROTH#CHRISTIANROTH

Your spectacles are not always supposed to be the ‘focus’ of your visage. Even if they are vintage “Marc Jacobs for Christian Roth”. Best visualized by the famed ‪lens man Raymond Meier‬ and super model‪ Jaime Rishar‬ for Harper’s Bazaar. “Mystery, a sexy attitude, in disguise, being incognito, true beauty & glamour, spontaneous & chic will never go out of style” says ‪#ChristianRoth. Make-up by François Nars. Reposted from our Instagram follower beauty expert Rob Orbitz @robcutnblow – thank you!

N° 82


Save the date: Thursday February 12th
Invitation to meet Christian Roth Eyewear in person on Thursday February 12th at Edward Beiner in Palm Beach.Christian Roth
“Resist the usual, defy those who accept the status quo. In a world overflowing with imitations and me-too brands, we remain passionately committed to original, authentic and innovative eyewear of exceptional quality, design and technical superiority.” says Edward Beiner who has become the curator & purveyor of beautiful and fine eyewear in Florida. We feel privileged to have our first appearance at Edward Beiner in his famed Palm Beach – 150 Worth Avenue – retail location. Photo by Formento+Formento.
N° 81


Photo by Kate Benson
Rhapsody in Blue – one of the new Christian Roth Sunglasses Fall/Winter 2015 in bruised denim and genuine reptile skin.Christian Roth

Nothing reflects fashion’s laid-back new narrative like the ocean of bruised and battered denim. Even ladylike designs – re-imagined in frayed and faded blues – discover a rugged, street-smart swagger. Executed in patchwork, the genuine rough brown reptile skin juxtaposed with denim, meticulously handcrafted and applied on Christian Roth’s glam shades. One of the up-coming season’s stunners!

N° 80


our favorite hashtag
Christian Roth
Great image of Christian Roth Eyewear Instagram follower @diegofresco

Instagram allows one to be a photographer, an art director, a stylist, a writer and an archivist. To connect globally, to share beautiful images, private moments, witty messages, and, of course, news and fun stories. We invite our Instagram followers to post images with relevance and hashtag them #christianroth. Our favorites might become a News Story, like the one posted by our follower @diegofresco. It feels like yesterday when we met the picture perfect blond with her blowing hair and ultra bright smile in our instant chic maker Series 6558 photographed by Perry Hagopian in 1993. Two words: Opposites attract!

N° 79


Photo Formento + Formento
Christian Roth Sunglasses campaign shot by Formento + Formento with Rebecca Lawson in a BeetleChristian Roth

Christian Roth Woman …. The journey is the destination! The artists Richeille and BJ Formento continued their road trip to Mexico to create luscious images that explore the ideas and presence of voyeuristic mystery. Are we part of the crowd or are we the heroine? Rebecca Lawson in Christian Roth reflective mirrored sunglasses.

Formento + Formento are presented by Michelle Edelman’s Traffic Creative Management NYC.
N° 78


The first book review of Christian Roth Eyewear for "Dietrich & Riefenstahl" from Karin Wieland“Hollywood, Berlin, and a Century in Two Lives” by Karin Wieland. German title: “Der Traum der neuen Frau.” When Marlene Dietrich’s name is mentioned anywhere, anytime, there is sparkle, admiration, fascination and respect for the world’s leading star of the 20th century, and not only that, Marlene Dietrich was an early and fierce advocate against the Third Reich. When Leni Riefenstahl’s name is mentioned, let’s say, at least, one could raise an eyebrow. No question, her name became the benchmark for pioneering modern photography and filmmaking which has inspired so many and will inspire many more. When we were offered the book ‘Dietrich & Riefenstahl’ written by the German author, Karin Wieland, first, we admit, we were confused, we found it hard to conceive of a greater contrast. Of course, Eric and myself couldn’t wait to start reading it. Both – Dietrich & Riefenstahl – are German women born in Berlin in ca. 1900. They were both very beautiful in their ways, femme fatale, very talented, intelligent, highly driven and fashion icons before this word existed. There were numerous lines of convergence and points of contact between the two. They both represented “the dream of the new woman” as Karin Wieland demonstrates brilliantly in her voluminous, meticulously researched, and gripping dual biography. The reader learns intriguing, private, sometimes almost explicit and interesting details of history and lifestyle of both artists and the zeitgeist. We don’t want to say much more, except, these historically proven details about Marlene Dietrich make us love her even more. She, herself, might not have liked so much some private parts of it. Never mind. “The Dietrich” would have loved this book because when Leni Riefenstahl’s memoirs were published in 1987, Marlene Dietrich made no bones about her antipathy to them, and she declared that “everything in these memoirs (by Riefenstahl) was a stinking pack of lies by a once-fervent devotee of Hitler.” Thank you Karin Wieland for writing history about this period and explaining in a fascinating and fair style the true facts about these two women – based on an enormous amount of historical research – for past, our and future generations. The only “downside” until now, the book is not (yet) available in the English language. Good news: we just learned, the translation has been done by Shelley Frisch! The English version is going through a 2nd recitation as we post this story, and will be released in October 2015 with an even more dramatic cover and will become the most exciting fall/winter reading of 2015/16 in the English speaking countries. An absolute Must Read. “Dietrich & Riefenstahl – Hollywood, Berlin, and a Century in Two Lives” by Karin Wieland published by Norton.
N° 77


The New Year
Peace, Love, Health, Happiness and Joy for the New Year from Christian Roth Eyewear!Christian Roth

Peace, Love,
Health, Happiness
and Joy!

Christian & Eric

N° 76


from Isabel and Ruben Toledo
The magical illustrations of Ruben Toledo – for Christian Roth Eyewear they are a cherished Holiday gift.Christian Roth

The Magical Illustrations of Ruben Toledo!
We love the watercolors
and their vision of sunglasses,
their words and their talent.
Isabel and Ruben a marriage
of love, passion, art and fashion.

N° 75


Save the date: Friday December 19th
Invitation to Selima Optique Soho to preview Christian Roth Eyewear spring/summer 2015 collectionChristian Roth
Looking forward to welcome you with our dear friend Selima Salaun and her fabulous team at Selima Optique Soho in New York. Preview Christian Roth spring/summer 2015 spectacles and sunnies.
N° 74


Save the Date: Thursday December 18th
Be Dapper Event on December 18th at Artsee Miami with Christian Roth Eyewear presenting their latest designs.Christian Roth
Artsee Miami’s Carlos Venegas will host a special Christian Roth Eyewear presentation on Thursday December 18th 5-8pm at 1648 Lenox Avenue @1111LincolnRoad, we will be there to wish everyone in Miami our season’s greetings and to present our latest designs! dap·per adjective (typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing. Synonyms: smart, spruce, trim, debonair, neat, well dressed, well groomed, well turned out, elegant, chic, dashing; informal snazzy, snappy, natty, sharp, spiffy, fly – think Dan Draper. This photograph was taken by Eric’s cousin Louise Dramard during Paris Fashion Week. The model is Paul, and he styled himself with our latest red mirrored sunglasses. Paul Dramard is our Paris based photo-reporter and fits perfectly the description of dapper.
N° 73


with our friends from around the world
An intimate dinner at Christian Roth Eyewear's winter residence to cloture Art Basel Miami 2014 with Erin Newberg and Patrick McMullan.Christian Roth

An intimate dinner last Saturday at our winter residence to cloture Art Basel Miami 2014: To our delight, Erin Newberg’s date turned out to be the legendary social photographer Patrick McMullan whom we adore and know for three decades. Patrick could not resist to capture our guests and the mood of the evening – the famous lens man decided to post the pictures on his website. And www.mserinsita.com said on her blog “my philosophy: you know a dinner party is a success when not one person is on the phone the entire evening”. Two wonderful compliments.

Clockwise from top left: Eric Domege & Christian Roth, Erin Newberg & Lauren Gnazzo, BJ Formento, Lauren Gnazzo, Eric Domege, Patrick McMullan, Richeille Formento, Britt & Fiona West, Lauren Gnazzo, Christian Roth, Marne Grainger, Richeille Formento, BJ Formento, Eric Domege & Erin Newberg, Erin Newberg & Michelle Edelman, Kristin Brockstedt-Kuhnle, Eric Domege & Erin Newberg. All pictures by Patrick McMullan.
N° 72


By Luxe Beat
Christian Roth Eyewear in The Designer News celebrating 30spectacularyearsChristian Roth

30 years went by so fast. Never had we imagined to be celebrated for our work. Thank you for all the influential voices over three decades who made it possible!

Adam Glassman, Adrienne Vittadini, Agyness Deyn, Al Berg, Alberto Zanoletti, Alessandra Albarello, Alex Reese, Alexander Geringer, Amy Larocca, Andreas Schulz, Andy Warhol, Anna Anderson, Anna de la Russo, Anna Wintour, Anne Slowey, Arnaud Mange, Ashley Brozic, Astrid Doil, Barbara Mahler, Bernat Buscato, Bettina Greiner, BJ Formento, Brigitte Nielsen, Bruce Weber, Bruno Klotz, Candy Pratts Price, Carol Schatz, Carla Bruni, Carlos Venegas, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Caroline de Fayet Metayer, Caroline Tell, Catherine Martin-Domège, Christelle Bieuville, Christiane Arp, Christopher Makos, Cindy Weber Cleary, Claudia Beran, Clodagh Norton, Cristiana Silighini, Cristina Frasca, Dahlen, Dale Steiner Newberg, Daphne Guiness, Denis Colomb, Diana Ross, Diane von Fuerstenberg, Dick van der Niet, Dora Händel, Edgar Otte, Edward Beiner, Elissa Santisi, Ellyn Chestnut, Eric Wright, Erin Newberg, Erin Sumwalt, Fern Mallis, Filipa Fino, Freddie Leiba, Friquette Thevenet, Garth Condit, Ginger Harris, Gisela Humphreys, Giulia Foroni, Giulio Martinelli, Glenn O’Brien, Gloria Nicola, Gregory Wein, Hal Rubenstein, Harriet Mays Powell, Hedy Gold, Helmut Lang, Helmut Newton, Ines Stüben, Inga Griese, Inka Marnette, Isaac Mizrahi, Isabel + Ruben Toledo, Isabelle Rovillé, James Spina, James Watanabe, Jan-Henning Brockstedt, Jane Hsiang, Jannis Tsipoulanis, Jenny Capitän, Jessica Wolff, Joe McKenna, Joey Arias, Julio Santiago, Junji Horikawa, Kai Margrander, Kaoru Horikawa, Karen McCormack, Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Templer, Kate Moss, Kate Spade, Katharina Flohr, Kathrin Seidel, Kelly Talamas, Kenny Scharf, Kerstin Schneider, Kristin Brockstedt-Kuhnle, Kunio Ito, Larry Sands, Lauren Gnazzo, Leah Karp, Lee Radziwill, Lele Acquarone, Lenny Kravitz, Lily Keflay Gentil, Linda Wells, Lisa Smilor, Loren Laney, Luis R Rigual, Madeline Weeks, Manuela Amzallag, Marc Jacobs, Marc Karimzadeh, Marcus von Ackermann, Marge Axelrad, Marie Andy Tettamanti, Marie-Anne Faure, Marie Claire Legault-Domège, Marie-José Jalou Susskind, Mark Connolly, Martin Graf, Marvin Freeman, Masaru Murai, Michael Carl, Michael Kors, Michaela Gattermayer, Michele Montagne, Michelle Edelman, Michelle Eichhorst, Michelle Kessler-Sanders, Mike Miyachi, Mimi Shin, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Picart, Olivia Palermo, Paige Powell, Pascal Lainé, Patrick Cabasset, Patrick McMullan, Patti Wilson, Paul Cavaco, Paul Dramard, Paul Palmero, Paul Solberg, Perry Hagopian, Peter Kea, Philip Roth, Philippa Clark, René Habermacher, Richard Sinnott, Richard Widmer, Richeille Formento, Rick Condon, Rickie De Sole, Rico Puhlmann, Rihanna, Robert Forest, Robert Morgenthal, Ronald Becker, Ronaldus Shamask, Rosie Mueller, Roxanne Robinson, Sabine Roth, Sabrina Schilcher, Salvatore Sampino, Samantha Marcus Yanks, Sara Maino, Sarah Christie, Selima Salaun, Sharon Stone, Shelagh D’Arcy-Hinds, Sibilla Patrizi, Stan Herman, Stella Tennant, Stellene Volandes, Stéphanie de Long, Steven Kolb, Suzanne Yalof Schwartz, Sven Niemeyer, Susan Kaufman, Tamara Taichman, Tiina Laakkonen, Tiffany Fraser-Steele, Timothy Reukauf, Vanessa Bellugeon, Veronique Tristram, Victoria Bartlett, Vincent Michel, Vivie Thonet and Yasmin Kayser.

Christian Roth Eyewear 2014 “Frame Fiction” by Formento+Formento on YouTube.